Enhance your life, make new friends, come and fly with us!

Ramsey Model Aero Club is a friendly club and welcomes everyone, whether beginners or experienced flyers.

Our 7 acre site is open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year. There is ample parking and a club house. We fly all disciplines of Radio Controlled flight and also allow control line models but NO free flight models are allowed. We offer training at all levels and disciplines. Our club is affiliated with the British Model Flying Association, is very active and has social BBQ’s and competitions. It is very rare not to find someone flying every day. 

If you are not a member of Ramsey Model Aero Club and wish to apply for membership, please email membership@ramseymac.com and ask for a membership application form.


DateTimesEvent / Location
18 Feb 202019:00 - 21:00Committee Meeting
17 March 2020 - Cancelled19:00 - 21:00Committee Meeting
28 March 2020 - Cancelled09:00 - 12:00Start of the year site clean-up and BBQ
26 April 202008:00 - 18:00F5B - High Performance Electric Gliders
05 May 202019:00 - 21:00Committee Meeting
10 May 202008:00 - 18:00F3A - Aerobatics
9 June 202019:00 - 21:00Committee Meeting (Virtual)
28 June 202008:00 - 18:00ScaleRescheduled to Sept 13
Summer 202008:00 - 18:00RMAC Open Day
28 July 202019:00 - 21:00Committee Meeting
13 September 202008:00 - 18:00Rescheduled Scale Event
September 202009:00 - 12:00End of the year site clean-up and BBQ
Summer / Autumn 202009:00 - 16:00Possible Jet Fly In and Free BBQ
20 October 202019:00 - 21:00Committee Meeting
01 December 202019:15 - 21:00AGM


It is a club requirement that all pilots hold the BMFA “A” certificate as a minimum in order to fly unsupervised at Warboys airfield.

Training is available by arrangement and students will be mentored by one or at most two instructors.

This will be on any mutually convenient day or time, by arrangement between the student and mentor.

In the first instance students are requested to contact the training officer via the website.

Holders of the “A” certificate who wish to progress and work toward attaining their “B” certificate may also seek mentoring and should contact the training officer in the first instance.

Contact: training@ramseymac.com

General Guidance at the Field

General Guidance when on the field

Mobile Phones – Mobile phones are not permitted outside the car park, where calls can only be made or taken. The exception to this is anyone flying on their own in the case of an emergency.

Pilots Flight Box – The Pilots Box marked on the field is 5 meters from the semi-circular long grass patch, it is 10 meters by 5 meters. It designates where Pilots and anyone else involved should stand or immediately make for after placing down, launching, towing or any other activity involving a presence on the air field. This excludes model retrieval. The Pilots Box is strictly for Pilots and Helpers/Spotters. Models are not permitted in or behind the Pilots Box. or within 5 metres of it and Spectators should remain within the seated area. Please see Rule

No fly zone / Model Restriction Zone