Club Maintenance Team

Geoff Copping has joined the committee to take over the club maintenance responsibilities from Tony Peak. Geoff will be assisted by Bob West who has kindly agreed to look after the grass cutting.

The Committee would like to say a big thank you to Tony Peak for nearly 3 years on the committee. I am sure you would agree that he has done an excellent job with his team to keep the flying field in excellent condition. Tony says he still plans to help the field maintenance team and we wish him all the best.

Site Cleanup

Thank you to all members who helped with the site cleanup on Saturday. Everyone just piled in and got on with the jobs and the flying field is looking better than ever. A well deserved BBQ was enjoyed by all before a good afternoon of flying.

BMFA Achievements

Congratulations to Paul Longe for passing his A Certificate.


Trainers Required

We currently have a waiting list of beginners wanting to join the club due to a shortage of trainers. If this is something you are considering then please contact John Davie at to discuss.


BMFA Achievement Scheme

The BMFA are holding an Achievement Scheme Training and Testing on September 28th/29th at Buckminster. See here for more details.

Another achievement day is scheduled for October 26th and 27th at Buckminster. See here for more details.

These are open to anyone working towards a fixed wing achievement scheme test.

Field Maintenance

Next grass cutting is TBA.

BMFA Site Permit

Thanks to Andy Harrold we now have in place a BMFA site permit that allows operating aircraft with a MTOM between 7.5kg and 25kg above 400ft up to 1500ft above ground level.

RMAC History

Returning member, Barry Kimber, has sent me this old photo which he thinks is from the very first flying show for RMAC. Barry says that in the early days it was control line and free flight only. On the left of picture was Lance Fox sadly no longer with us, Barry Kimber, Wally Orlof and Richard Mears. If you know the other names please let me know.

Barry says “We moved to Upwood air field and was joined by Mr Paul Selby who had a RC model, control line had to go. Then the club took off as you might say with many new club members. All of the nicest people with plenty of stories to tell bit like now from my visits to the field”.

If you have any memories from the early days of the club that you would like to share then please send them to me.