Membership Information

Existing club members should renew their membership before the end of December otherwise it will lapse and you will have to re-join the club.

If your membership has lapsed, or you wish to join the club for the first time,  please use the membership contact form or email

All members must have current BMFA membership.

Proof of current membership of the BMFA for the coming year will be needed if you do not obtain this via RMAC.

The membership applications take time to process, but you are insured from the time your subscription fee is received by the club.

Please note the following:

  1. There is currently a membership cap of 170 senior members. Any new applications will still be considered by the committee and the applicant then asked if they wish to be added to a waiting list.
  2. For the time being the club is not accepting any applications from jet flyers.
  3. There will be no restriction on junior membership.
  4. Reduced subscriptions for new members will apply from September when they will be halved. BMFA reductions apply.
  5. The Committee will review the membership situation regularly.
  6. All applications will be review by the committee.

Membership fees for 2024 are:

ClubSenior £50Junior £5
BMFASenior £47Junior £20Family Partner £30Family Junior £15
CAA Registration£10.33

Membership contact: