Covid 19 – Updates & Rule Changes

The linked risk assessment was carried out in September by the RMAC committee. In addition there are a number of rules which supplement the normal club rules for the duration of the pandemic. These can be updated as new guidance is received from the Government and the BMFA or other relevant parties. Please let us know if you think there is an issue with any of them. Remember this is a new situation for all of us.

Covid 19 Club Rule Updates

The following MUST be implemented by every member who attends the flying field.
  • All members to complete the RMAC Covid-19 log.
  • Flying guests are not currently permitted to attend the field. Partners & children of members are fine.
  • All members to have hand sanitizer on them at all times. This is to be used before and after opening the main gate and lock (remember the farmer and his team use that gate daily also). Touching any of the field equipment such as model tables etc.
  • Model tables to be wiped down before and after each use.
  • 2M distancing is to be implemented at all times, unless people are from the same household.
  • All members are very strongly encouraged to have an adequate first aid kit in their vehicle. The Club first aid kit WILL NOT be accessible.
  • Both of the club huts and the toilet near the tractor shed are to remain closed at ALL times. Under no circumstances are these to be accessed. The open air urinal is still available, but refrain from touching the walls and remember to use your hand sanitiser before and after. The TARDIS windsock is not to be utilised, the large windsock at the end of the field is still in place. The club hut combination lock has been changed as a precaution.
  • No more than 4 people in the Pilots box at any time. Jet spotters are still required (at 2M distance) so keep this in mind if anyone is flying jets.
  • If any instruction is taking place, please refer to the BMFAs advice on not sharing equipment etc.
  • Please park considerately within the car park area so as all distancing can be safely implemented.
  • All members are to be mindful of others safety, you flying a model is not more important than another persons safety.