General Guidance at the Field

General Guidance when on the field

Mobile Phones – Mobile phones are not permitted outside the car park, where calls can only be made or taken. The exception to this is anyone flying on their own in the case of an emergency.

Pilots Flight Box – The Pilots Box marked on the field is 5 meters from the semi-circular long grass patch, it is 10 meters by 5 meters. It designates where Pilots and anyone else involved should stand or immediately make for after placing down, launching, towing or any other activity involving a presence on the air field. This excludes model retrieval. The Pilots Box is strictly for Pilots and Helpers/Spotters. Models are not permitted in or behind the Pilots Box. or within 5 metres of it and Spectators should remain within the seated area. Please see Rule

No fly zone / Model Restriction Zone

Battery Charging Stations

There are two solar powered battery charging stations at the club hut available to members. Please follow these rules:

  • Maximum of one charger per panel.
  • Only one battery to be connected to each charger. Note that each station is protected by a 10A fuse.
  • Fair use policy so if someone is waiting then please remove your charger afer charging your battery.