General Guidance at the Field

General Guidance when on the field

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted outside the car park. The exception to this is anyone flying on their own in the case of an emergency.

Pilots Flight Box

The Pilots Box marked on the field is 5 meters from the semi-circular long grass patch, it is 10 meters by 5 meters. It designates where Pilots and anyone else involved should stand or immediately make for after placing down, launching, towing or any other activity involving a presence on the air field. 

Pilots or their helpers may exit the Pilots Box for model retrieval purposes.

The Pilots Box is strictly for Pilots and Helpers/Spotters. Models are not permitted in or behind the Pilots Box. No models should be within 5m of the Pilots Box.

There should be no Spectators in the Pilots Box.

No fly zone / Model Restriction Zone

Public Safety and Awareness

A public right of way exists on the northern and western boundaries of the flying site. Notices advising the public of RMAC operations are located at both ends of the western perimeter. Walkers may be able to attract the attention of pilots for clearance to proceed but do not rely on this. Anyone who sees walkers should alert the pilots who are flying by the call ‘walkers’. Models should be flown at a good height and ideally in a different part of the site well clear (RMAC suggest at least 50m) of the walkers as they transit the boundary.
The orange lines indicate where members of the public may be spotted. Essentially all around the field. Hence the requirement to be very vigilant at all times.

Battery Charging Stations

There are two solar powered battery charging stations at the club hut available to members. Please follow these rules:

  • Maximum of one charger per panel and one battery per charger.
  • Each panel is rated at 10 amps at a nominal 12v, on a sunny day it may be greater and we would we recommend that you do not exceed 9 amps. These are the absolute maximum output currents for each battery type to stay within the maximum input current of 9 amps but it is recommended that you do not charge your battery above 1C.  
Battery Type Output Current Max Estimated Input Current
3S or below 9A 9A
4S 6.4A 9A
5S 5A 9A
6S 4.3A


  • Fair use policy so if someone is waiting then please remove your charger after charging your battery.