RMAC Flying Slot Booking

Due to the new government regulations as of the 26th Dec and guidance from the BMFA RMAC have decided to implement a booking system for getting access to the club field. Please ONLY attend the field during your slot time. If you arrive early then please wait in the car until your slot starts. Remember to follow the Covid guidelines and book yourself into the Covid log.

We have currently set it up so you have 1 hour 30 minute slots.  Given the lack of daylight currently this is aiming to allow a fair(ish) share of access to the field.

We are thinking 15 mins to get kit out of the car and assembled – 1 hour flying – 15 mins to tidy up and get kit back in the car ready for departure. Please maintain a sensible distance to the other member attending the field. Note a family unit can have more than 1 person attending. Just book a slot for 1.

We are very open to feedback on how the system is working and any improvements etc you think would be useful. communications@ramseymac.com

Given there are limited slots we would ask that you only book one at a time. Once you’ve flown your slot and want to rebook please do so. This could mean getting a back to back at the field if the slot starting at the time isn’t booked. 

Please use the following link to book your slot for flying at the RMAC field https://calendly.com/ramseymac/flying-slot/. Once you’ve booked you will receive an email confirming the ‘appointment’. If you need to cancel or change the slot please do so – This frees things up for others. 

 You can see what slots are already taken in the agenda below. If you hover over the slot in question you can see the people who have booked in.